What We Do

LeadConnect implements digital marketing tools and tactics to generate leads for your business. Whether your goal is growth in the industry or an increase in sales, we will build a custom strategy that reflects your plans and makes them a reality.

Every action we take is designed to leverage the expertise you already have in your industry – to build on your relationships with existing clients and generate new interest to your brand and your business.

We do this in three steps:

1. Capture Interested Visitors

Every day, ideal sales prospects visit your website seeking information and decide for some reason or another to leave. Why?

Does your website lack the information they need to make a decision? Are they just not ready to buy?

LeadConnect performs a comprehensive audit of your website to take advantage of the value of the traffic you already have. We help clarify your message, boost your pages, and entice visitors to contact you through a number of proven tactics.

customer persona design

2. Creating Content that They Want

LeadConnect is an inbound marketing agency. That means we work to draw people to YOU – no more chasing leads down and cold calling to make a connection.

The most important step in this process is building a platform that establishes you as an expert, and writing content that solves problems your prospects have and establishes you as a trusted partner in their success.

Good content resonates because it speaks DIRECTLY to your target audience.

3. Drive More Traffic to Your Website

With eye-catching content and a website that performs strongly, it is time to drive more traffic to your site.

LeadConnect uses a combination of inbound and outbound tactics to bring people to your site who will be interested in what you have to offer. Through targeted outreach on social media channels, ongoing SEO campaigns to increase your ranking in Google, and direct campaigns, paying for highly coveted traffic you can steal from your competitors, we get the people you want on your website. This means high-quality lead generation for you.

The Kicker

This three part process is the cornerstone of effective digital marketing for businesses in the software and technology services industry. Your expertise will set you apart, but only if it targets the right prospects.

But there’s one more step. One vital part of the process too often skipped over.

Convert, Convince, and Capture only gets you so far. At the end of the process, we need to nurture those individuals – building a relationship that will keep them on your website, reading your emails, and subscribed to your social media channels until they are ready to make a buying decision.

The Results

What can a process like this do for you?

By focusing on value above all else and building relationships with the 99% of website traffic that isn’t ready to buy, you can see substantial return on your digital investment.

That’s the LeadConnect difference. If you’re ready to take the next step and become a leader in your field,
click here and contact us to learn more about our processes.

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