5 Restaurants to Try in Pittsburgh

A Guide To The Top 5 Restaurants In Pittsburgh, PA

One of the most important features to consider when heading off on a business trip or enjoying the sights of a new town is the food. This seems an odd thought; however, the culture of a city can be based in their “grub tub”. Of course, all cities have various types of food samples and finding the best restaurants can be difficult. This article will act as a guide to the exciting town of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, naming some of the best restaurants where you can enjoy a superior dinner.

1. Istanbul Sofra

The Istanbul Sofra is a large Mediterranean-style restaurant focusing primarily on European, Turkish, and Middle Eastern cuisine. One of their particularly convenient features regarding the food preparation is their ability to serve those who require the food to be halal – an indication of the Middle Eastern influence. Open from mid-morning through to dinner, this place is available for all types of diners ranging from large families to the romantic couple celebrating a wedding anniversary. The prices are affordable and highly competitive when compared to even cheaper diners. Open all week with parking, outdoor seating, and accepting of all types of payment.

2. Altius

The Altius restaurant is one of the few fine dining establishments within the city of Pittsburgh, PA and it presents as nothing but classy all the way. This restaurant has a strong contemporary American-style cuisine with their steaks being extremely popular. Similar to the Istanbul Sofra, the Altius has a significant preparation reputation as they offer gluten-free options on all their dishes.

Due to the fine dining feature, this particular restaurant is open at only certain hours of the day and can be attended for dinner. It does, however, serve guests after-hours if and when necessary. One unique feature is their valet parking facility which makes the experiences slightly more exciting, especially when making reservations for private dining. The Altius is not suitable for children and is mainly used for business meetings or special dinners. Cost-wise, this restaurant can be pricey; however, the cuisine is worth the expense.

3. Gaucho Parrilla Argentina

An exciting and intriguing restaurant with an upbeat atmosphere, the Gaucho Parrilla Argentina is one of the South American-style establishments in the city. Latin flavors for both the people and the food makes this place a great favorite for individuals who wish to grasp a taste of Argentina with their steaks. As with the Altius, the Gaucho Parrilla Argentina offers gluten-free preparation on their different dishes. A child-friendly and child-focused restaurant, this establishment is open primarily for lunch and dinner. The seating is mostly outdoors and the cost is quite cheap with a takeout feature being available. Unfortunately, the restaurant is not open on Sundays and Mondays.

4. Capital Grille

Steakhouses are popular in American society and one of the most enticing alternatives in this city is the Capital Grille. This American-style steakhouse is one focusing primarily on the steak and grill making it highly popular among individuals who “love their meat”. This establishment is labeled as fine dining, and as such, the cost of the cuisine is rather expensive with the average price of a steak being around $60. It would be thought that this restaurant is feisty and open to families; however, the seating arrangements and staffing make it more beneficial for groups or special occasions. Open for lunch, dinner and after-hours if needed; this restaurant is one of the more popular ones among those looking for an enjoyable evening out with some steaks.

one of the most popular Pittsburgh establishments

5. Pamela’s Diner

The traditional American diner is a necessary restaurant among all US cities. This is a typical diner open for breakfast, brunch, and lunch serving families primarily with local cuisine. The seating is high, the food is cheap, and the staff is friendly. If you are looking for something simple, but delicious, be sure to stop at this Pittsburgh restaurant.

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